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Blog: Purdue University

  • Purdue Disciplinary Conduct Conferences

    Purdue students arrested for a criminal offense will face either a disciplinary conduct conference or a Community Standards Board Panel hearing depending of the seriousness of the criminal offense.

  • Harrassment Allegation

    Congratulations to Steven Knecht for successfully assisting a Purdue student in obtaining a finding of non-violation of Purdue’s Anti-Harassment Policy from the Dean of Students for a sexual assault allegation made by another student.

  • Purdue Disciplinary Conduct Conferences

    If you face a Purdue student disciplinary proceeding from a criminal arrest, you should contact the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Vonderheide and Knecht to help you.

  • Purdue Community Standards Board Hearings

    An attorney experienced in representing students at Purdue CSB panel hearings can assist the students during the disciplinary process while protecting their rights in the criminal case.