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Purdue Disciplinary Conduct Conferences

Purdue students arrested for a criminal offense will face either a disciplinary conduct conference or a Community Standards Board Panel hearing depending of the seriousness of the criminal offense. If the Purdue Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities schedules you a conduct conference, Purdue has determined that the criminal offense is not severe enough to warrant suspension or expulsion. However, the conduct conference can still lead to other serious consequences and penalties. Examples of criminal offenses that can result in a conduct conference include possession of marijuana, public intoxication, operating while intoxicated, and minor consumption of alcohol.

If the Purdue Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities schedules a conduct conference, you will receive a letter from the Office of the Dean of students that tells you when the conference will be held. The letter will also spell out the violations resulting in the conference. You must attend the conference in person.

During the conference, you will meet with an Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities conduct officer who will ask you to complete a form stating whether or not you accept responsibility for the alleged violations. This is like a plea of guilty or not guilty. After you complete the form, the officer will ask you questions about the incident and then will decide whether or not you will be held responsible for the violations. If you are found responsible, you will be placed on disciplinary probation or probated suspension. You may also receive additional penalties such as restriction from campus buildings, restitution, community service, a mental health evaluation, and/or a drug/alcohol evaluation.

During the conference you have the right to remain silent or you may respond to the charges against you. You also have the right to bring an advisor with you, such a criminal defense attorney. Though your advisor may not speak on your behalf, you will be allowed to consult with your advisor at any time during the conference.

Conduct conferences normally take place prior to the filing of criminal charges or while the criminal charges are pending. Since any statement you make during the conference could potentially be used against you in the criminal case, you should have an experienced criminal defense attorney present as your advisor. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can determine whether it is better for you to make a statement at the conference or to exercise your right to remain silent. Furthermore, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities may assign services or penalties that are similar as those imposed by the criminal court. An experienced lawyer who is familiar with the court requirements for your criminal offense can help the student avoid duplicate punishments.

If you face a Purdue student disciplinary proceeding from a criminal arrest, you should contact Steven Knecht to help you. He has represented hundreds of Purdue students for 35 years in criminal cases and University disciplinary actions. He has obtained not guilty verdicts in numerous trials in major felony cases. He has helped numerous students avoid convictions in alcohol and marihuana cases and subsequently expunging the resulting criminal records. He has also helped numerous students avoid expulsion or suspension from Purdue. We are confident that Steven Knecht is the best choice to handle your unique situation.

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