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Who should have copies of your estate planning documents?

In addition to your originals, you should have a fully executed copy of your estate plan documents (including a digital copy). Copies are important to have so that other family members know what their roles are when the time comes. In addition, if provided copies, the family will know your intentions and not be surprised by what is provided for in your estate plan, which could limit future fights.

Consider giving a copy of the documents to people with important roles in your estate plan such as the personal representative, trustee, power of attorney and children’s guardian. If you do not want to provide copies, you should still make sure the named people know their roles and the name of your lawyer to contact if something happens to you. The most important thing is that your loved ones know who is in charge if something happens to you and where to find the documents to ensure the plan you have taken the time, energy and money to create can be properly implemented.

Steven Knecht helps clients with estate planning. With 36+ years of experience, he listens to you to create a Will or other estate planning document that works the way you want it to which may not occur with a document obtained through on-line resources. For more information concerning your estate and trust needs, call and ask for Steven Knecht for a personal consultation.

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