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Successful Reduction of Operating While Intoxicated Charge

Steven Knecht successfully obtained a plea agreement reducing operating while intoxicated and habitual vehicular substance offender charges to a public intoxication offense.

The most obvious element that the State must prove in an operating while intoxicated case is that the Defendant was operating a vehicle. Under Indiana law, “operate” means to navigate or otherwise be in actual physical control of a vehicle.

In this case, police officers found an abandoned vehicle driven off the road with the Defendant found walking away from the scene.  The officers claimed the Defendant admitted to driving this vehicle. However, the actual driver came forward later and admitted to driving in a deposition provided to the State. Three eyewitnesses were located to confirm that this other person was actually driving. Faced with this new evidence that the Defendant was not operating a vehicle, the State offered to reduce the charges.

With over 33 years of trial experience, Steven Knecht is familiar with the possible defenses to operating while intoxicated offenses and other criminal charges. If you find yourself having been arrested, you should immediately hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer that you can trust such as Steven Knecht to help you fight the State because you have a lot at stake on the outcome.

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