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Inclement Weather and Scheduled Visitation

You are the mother of a minor child. The childs father has visitation every other weekend, and this is his weekend. He lives an hour away from you and the parenting time order requires that you meet halfway to exchange the child. The weather forecast is predicting the winter storm of the century to strike sometime Friday afternoon and advises against driving. What do you do about the visitation?

The first thing you should do is discuss the situation with the father. Perhaps you can agree to move the visitation to the next weekend, or delay it until Saturday morning to see how bad the storm really is. If the father still insists that the visitation occur as scheduled, ask if he will drive to your house to pick up the child because you do not feel safe driving in the bad weather. If he insists on coming to get the child, you should allow the visit in order to be in compliance with the court order. In most cases, the father will not want to endanger his child, and you will be able to work out an alternative with him.

Hopefully, this information will be beneficial to parents as winter approaches. If you have any family law related questions, contact our office today for a consultation.

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