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Hiring the Best Attorney - Part II

If you have been arrested, or if a loved one is facing criminal charges, you cannot afford to wait another minute. As skilled and experienced criminal defense attorneys who have represented thousands of men and women accused of crimes and taken over a hundred cases to trial, we know that taking swift action can only help strengthen your case. By taking proactive measures against the prosecution, our aggressive trial lawyers can secure evidence that can help increase your chances of a possible dismissal of your case, or a reduction of the criminal charge or punishment with a plea agreement or a not guilty verdict a trial.

It can be difficult to know where you can turn during such a frightening time. Clients come to us seeking our dependable and experienced legal service. Over the years, our commitment to our clients has solidified our reputation for superior representation in the area of criminal defense. Steven Knecht has been recognized by the National Trial Lawyers and the American Academy of Trial Lawyers as one of the premier 100 trial lawyers in Indiana. We have represented and gone to trial fighting for clients with major felony offenses such as murder, DUI causing death, rape, child molesting, robbery, burglary, aggravated battery, dealing and possession of various drugs such as cocaine, meth and marijuana. We also regularly defend and go to trial on misdemeanor offenses such of OWI, possession of marijuana, reckless driving, minor consumption, trespassing, domestic battery and more.

Do not get stuck on the side of the courtroom with the wrong lawyer. Most attorneys just dabble in criminal defense or do not have the respect of the prosecutor or judge. Retain our experienced and respected team of attorneys today.

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