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Have you or someone you know been accused of a sex offense?

Rape, child molestation and other sex offenses are particularly heinous charges to face. Rape or any other sex offense accusation can lead to serious consequences not to mention the public humiliation aspect of them. If you are a Purdue or other college student, you face expulsion as well. If you have been accused of rape or any other sex offense, you must take immediate action to fight the charges. Steven Knecht in the last year has successfully aided two college students accused of rape to avoid the filing of criminal charges and to obtain a finding of no violation of the university’s anti-harassment policy. He also aided a father in avoiding the filing of child molestation charges when accused of molesting his daughter during a divorce proceeding. Based on this experience, here are some steps to help your case.

1. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney

You need to immediately hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in sex offense cases to protect your future. An attorney will help you prepare a defense to the charges by gathering evidence, giving advice about whether to provide information to the police or university investigators, and advising you of your legal rights and possible defenses.

2. Prepare for the costs of your defense

If you have been accused of rape or any sexual offense, you are facing criminal charges with a high risk of conviction. Building a strong defense takes time and money. Expert witnesses, psychological testing and other evidence likely need to be obtained. Any promise of a cheap and easy way to defend yourself will cost you more in the long run. Especially if your defense is inadequate and you are convicted and sent to prison for a crime you did not commit.

3. Document your case

Writing down as many details as possible about your case is extremely helpful to you and your defense attorney. Keep track of any information related to the accusation. Be as detailed as possible. If you are not sure about a piece of information, write it down and let your attorney determine its importance. This saves time and money and will be a great asset for your attorney.

4. Prepare a list of witnesses

As a criminal defendant, you have the right to present witnesses in your defense. You need to make a list of those potential witnesses. For each witness, include their name, address, phone number, place of employment, brief background, and what they might be able to provide through testimony. List everyone even though you are not sure if the person would be a good witness. Your criminal defense attorney can take this information and decide which witnesses will most strongly help your case.

5. Know what not to do

Just as important as preserving evidence and recording important information is knowing what not to do. If you are facing rape or sex offenses charges, you should not try to talk to the alleged victim about what happened or have any contact with the victim. You should not talk to law enforcement or other investigators such as from Purdue University without an attorney present. You should not ask for or agree to testing which is not mandatory (such as DNA testing without a search warrant or a polygraph test) or give any evidence to law enforcement without hiring a lawyer first even if you believe the evidence will prove you are not guilty.

6. Determine Motive

Determine any motive the alleged victim may have for making a false allegation. Sometimes a jealous ex-girlfriend or a young college student will accuse someone to cover up her shame or embarrassment about her own actions. A wife will accuse her husband of abuse to gain an advantage in custody and parenting time disputes. An attorney can help you uncover any motives that may exist. Discovering the motive behind a false rape or other sexual offense allegation can assist in your defense during the State’s investigation of the accusation or at trial, if necessary.

Do not get stuck on the side of the courtroom with the wrong lawyer. Hire Steven Knecht for your criminal case today.

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