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Divorce: Are you prepared?

What should you do to prepare for a divorce? No one feels prepared for a divorce. Getting divorced is frightening. Worrying about what is going to happen is normal. Good legal advice can remove most of the guess work. Preparing for divorce by doing these 4 things can save you money, time, and maybe a few sleepless nights.

Retain a family law lawyer

Immediately retain a family law lawyer to get specific advice on your situation. Unfortunately, many clients have already made poor decisions before their initial appointment with us. Mistakes made early in a divorce case can be costly in terms of child custody and property division.

Do not involve the children

  • Do not put your children in the middle of you and your spouse.
  • Do not criticize or demean your spouse in front of the children.
  • Show the children that they are what are most important to both of their parents.
  • Make sure that their lives stay as unchanged as possible during the divorce.

Gather and copy documents

  • Make copies of tax returns, bank and brokerage accounts, car loan information, mortgage information, credit card and medical bill statements, and any retirement accounts you or your spouse possess.
  • Also obtain your credit report to determine if your spouse has created accounts in your name without your knowledge.
  • Providing these items to your attorney will save you time and money. Your attorney will also be able to use this information to give you better advice on what you can expect to receive in a settlement or from the judge in a contested hearing.

Inventory your personal property

Inventory the major items in your home. You will need to split the furniture and other items in the house with your spouse. To get a fair share when these items are divided, you need to know what you have. Remember that your spouse’s collections may have substantial value.

We hope this information will be useful to you as you prepare for divorce. If you have any family law related questions, contact us for a consultation.

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