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Can you always trust the police?

If I am being questioned by a police officer, can I always believe what the officer is telling me?

Absolutely not.

While lying is a factor that is duly considered in court, police deception does not automatically render a confession inadmissible. In Carter v. State, police officers asked Carter, “what if I [told] you she is in the hospital right now talking to some of our officers? ... You thought she was dead, didn’t you?” Carter’s resulting confession was determined voluntary although his wife had, in reality, died.

In Giles v. State, Giles’ confession was determined voluntary and properly admitted against him at trial, even though the police lied to him by telling him they had a piece of the victim’s clothing which they could test for physical evidence.

When questioned by a police officer, you should always demand a lawyer before answering any questions. You cannot trust what a police officer tells you and should make sure any and all testimony can be advised by an attorney from an experienced firm like Vonderheide & Knecht.

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